A Distinctive Commitment

Affordable & Quality Healthcare In a Pandemic

Who We Are

OmLife Health Clinic (OHC) is committed to providing access to quality medical care in communities around the Puget Sound region including Pierce, North Thurston, and South King Counties. Our boutique clinic is located in the historic Proctor District of Tacoma. Despite the Pandemic and these challenging times, we feel that patients should have access to primary care, immunizations, preventative measures, and mental health services. Our mission is to meet patients where they are on their healthcare journey, which may be at the beginning or at the end of their adult life. We are a Nurse Practitioner owned and operated facility.

Our commitment to patients is distinctive. We provide access to healthcare in a multitude of ways and offer a higher level of personalized care compared to other clinics. We partner with patients to help them determine their goals, providing counseling and ways to optimize health. We spend time listening to your medical history to understand your healthcare needs. 

Types of Appointments

Our team is ready for you! We are reachable by text, call or email. We offer progressive and modern services while maintaining that old familiarity of the community healthcare provider that knows YOU. Our Nurse Practitioners do house calls for vulnerable adults in the community. We also do telehealth visits for some conditions. Most often we see patients in our clinic, providing the upmost COVID19 precautions. Our Nurse Practitioners will always offer organic solutions as first-line treatment options for non-acute problems. When more urgency is needed we provide prescriptions, referrals to specialists, and appropriate testing. 

Medical Services

Primary Care & Wellness Services

We manage common and stable medical conditions including diabetes, hypertension, asthma, weight gain, low energy, thyroid, depression, and anxiety. We provide wellness and annual physical exams, focused-problem visits, and general follow-up care. We treat minor infections such as sinusitis, non-complicated wounds and urinary tract infections.  We can get you started on  a healthy weight-loss program specifically designed for you.

We offer nutrition services, specialized diets, quality  dietary supplements and counseling to help you optimize weight loss, maintain energy, and lower your cardiovascular risks. We collaborate with community providers and networks to ensure you receive coordinated when YOU require care and treatment beyond our scope of practice.

Skilled & Long Term Care Rounding Services

In addition to private practice, we offer rounding services to provider medical care and management to long term care residents.  We round in skilled nursing facilities (SNF), rehabilitation centers, and acute care hospitals. We provide care and management with an array of acute conditions and post-surgical issues. We follow patients from the time they are admitted to a skilled rehabilitation center until they are discharged home. 

Adult Family Homes

We offer monthly rounding for adult family homes and their residents.