Val Gossing, MSN, ARNP, FNP-C

Chief Medical Officer/Owner

Val Gossing, is a nationally certified Family Nurse Practitioner with 20+ years of healthcare experience. As a Pacific Northwest Native, she earned advanced nursing degrees at Seattle Pacific University. She serves on University of Washington Board of Advisors for Advanced Practice Nursing and several other community committees as she advocates for equality and access to healthcare.

Val is passionate about providing access to healthcare for all people. She has worked in a variety of settings and specialties to deliver healthcare in underserved populations. Her expertise is in rehabilitative medicine, chronic disease management, general health counseling, and primary care. She rounds as an inpatient hospitalist in long term care settings, skilled nursing facilities, and sub-acute hospital settings. She treats and manages patients in nursing homes. An entrepreneur at heart, Val has spent her career challenging herself in a variety of nursing settings include ICU, ER, and Labor & Delivery. When asked, she will tell you how much she loves being a Nurse Practitioner, especially in Washington states, where she has full autonomy to provide care as an independent healthcare practitioner. To diversify her life, Val enjoys world-travel, mission trips, community health events, and volunteering at free clinics. In her free time she is a Yogi, enjoys nature, sings often, and loves to cook. She looks forward to hearing your journey in health and wellness. 

Jan Gossing, Esq. 

Chief Operating Officer/General Counsel

Jan, originally from Germany, is a multi-lingual and talented attorney, who has always had an interest in  Entrepreneurship and Technology, is currently living out his passion to build healthcare systems to better serve patients in their times of need. Time out of court during the Pandemic has provided him time to free his mind and create systems he has always dreamed about.

Attorney at law by day and tech-savvy healthcare entrepreneur by night, Jan moves the practice forward with IT innovation, systems development, EHR creation, and outstanding leadership. He obtained his law degrees from Seattle University and University Of Washington School of Law where he obtained a J.D. in Law and an L.L.M. in International Tax. He has successfully directed and managed a law practice for over 15+ years.He diversifies his life with world travel, community outreach, and wellness activities. He looks forward to greeting you at OmLife, making sure that your registration process is efficient and welcoming. 


A Team You Can Trust

Personable & Caring

OHC’s team is personable and caring about the services we offer. They provide time sensitive and friendly service. These team members are multi-talented individuals who have worked in other areas in the industry, bringing their creative perspective with passion to provide quality patient care. They are sure to leave a lasting impression as YOU reach out to them with questions, clarifications, and appointment requests.