What time of appointment would you like to schedule?  Below is a description of each appointment type.  Please explore the visit types and then proceed to book so that we can meet your needs.

Visit Types

Establish Care Visits (ECV)

Establish care with a provider at Omlife. A medical consultation is provided after discussing your healthcare needs, concerns, and goals. New orders, labs, referrals, and/or medications or supplements may be recommended. Previous medical records and prescriptions are reviewed. A wellness plan is created and communicated to you. Referrals may take 1-2 weeks to process. Prescriptions can typically be provided the day of the visit or within 24 hours.

Annual Wellness Exams

A complete physical examination is completed including vision, hearing, reflexes, breast exam (for women) if you have not had one in the past year. Men can request a prostate exam if needed. Note that we refer out for women’s gynecological care at this time. Labs and tests may be ordered. Referrals may be generated to other preventative care services

Mental Wellness Visits (MWV)

MWVs generally take 45-60 minutes. The patient will discuss their concerns and issues with the provider. A review of medication will be completed. The patient will create goals and referrals, medications, and/0r laboratory tests may be initiated. Patients being treated for mental health conditions or ADD are typically seen once monthly for the first few months. As the provider and patient move into a productive partnership, follow-up visits may be every 6-8 weeks.

Pain Management (PM)

PM visits generally take 30-45 minutes. An initial consultation with the provider is required to discuss your pain management history, needs, goals, and medications Natural and low-risk alternatives will be suggested in addition to any medications that may be appropriate to treat your condition. Pain management contracts are required. Patients are required to be seen monthly in the clinic. All patients must agree to Random Drug Screen tests. If the patient’s medication needs become complex and/or if high doses are needed to control pain, a referral to a pain management specialist will be required.

Chronic Disease Management (CDM)

CDM visits is a follow-up on established chronic health conditions. These visits typically take 25-35 minutes. The visit includes a check-in on medications and treatment for the following conditions: diabetes, high blood pressure, weight loss, asthma, stomach disorders, irritable bowel, and other chronic medical conditions. 

Acute Medical Issue (AMI)

AMI visits are new or sudden onset of an acute medical issue that is non-emergent such as an upper respiratory infection, UTI, sore throat, rash, pain in a limb, etc… The provider will work with you to get you seen as soon as possible. The appointment times offered may be after clinic hours, on the weekend and/or via telehealth (video or phone).

Vaccine Visit

An appointment for a vaccination such as COVID-19 prime or booster dose, Tetanus, Pneumococcal, Shingles.  Register HERE

Concierge Medicine Visit

This exclusive visit is offered to Omlife Health patients and/or frail, disabled, acutely ill individuals, and/or cash paying patients that prefer to be seen in their home in the immediate surrounding Proctor community. Patients will be seen in the comfort of their home. An exam, consult, and  visit will be conducted. Referrals, prescriptions, and treatment plans will be created with a follow-up visit scheduled as needed.  Inquire if you and/or family member can receive this service by emailing us HERE.

Nursing Home/SNF/AFH/Retirement Community Visit

Our medical providers come to the facility and perform the visit in the patient’s home setting. This is a great option for patients that have mobility and/or transportation issues. The providers and the Omlife team work with the facility caregivers and administrators to coordinate care. The provider sees the patient every 6-8 week, or more if needed, in their home care setting. Medicare Insurance and supplemental plans are accepted. The patient transfers care and becomes a valued patient at Omlife Health Clinic. The providers are skilled with post-acute care, end of life issues, chronic disease management, and physical rehabilitation. The provider orders care, manages chronic conditions, writes monthly prescriptions, orders tests/labs as appropriate to manage care, and provides referrals as needed.