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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.  

I am trying to make an appointment for Covid-19 Vaccination

Please register at www.covid19tacoma.com/registernow.  You can pick an appointment time and date. You can text us at 253-262-0626 with any questions (no pictures or calls on this line) or call us at 253-444-5511. We prefer text.  

I am trying to register at www.covid19tacoma.com but I cannot upload pictures of my license or insurance card.

That’s ok, the system does not require the pictures to be uploaded.  We would love for you to complete the process, however, we can take the pictures of your picture ID and insurance card when you come to the appointment.  You do have to type in the license number, license state, and insurance info.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Please bring your actual government issued picture identification and insurance card to the appointment.   We cannot vaccinate you without proper identification.  You should also bring the QR Code that is attached to your confirmation email that you will receive.  The QR Code is used to retrieve your information at the clinic.  PLEASE BRING YOUR VACCINATION CARD if you previously received any doses of the vaccine. We do not verify citizenship status.

I do not have insurance, can I still get vaccinated?

There is no out-of-pocket cost to you. If you are insured, then your insurance will cover the cost of the vaccination.  If you are without insurance, then the US Department of Health and Human Services will reimburse us for the service.

I am trying to submit my information, but it is not working.

There could be several reasons.  You have no network connection, you did not complete the required fields in the registration form, or browser crashed,  The easiest solution is to close your browser and restart the process.

What Vaccine are you using?

We currently offer first, second and bivalent (booster) doses of Moderna and Pfizer vaccines and doses of the Novamax vaccine (we have all 3 in stock).
We also offer pediatric doses of the Pfizer Vaccine (6 months years and older).

I am trying to register my child

Great, we offer the Pfizer vaccine for our 6 months to 11 year old patients.  If you are prompted for ID during the registration process, please use your ID to register your child.We typically require that patients under 5 are vaccinated as part of an office visit.Please click APPOINTMENT REQUEST in the menu bar on top of this page to set up such a visit.

How do I indicate my vaccine preference?

You can indicate your vaccine preference during registration, and you can always change your mind again when you arrive to the clinic.

Can I mix and match vaccines?

Yes, you can ‘mix and match vaccines now.  If you received the primary series of one vaccine, you can now select a booster vaccine from a different brand; i.e., you can switch from Moderna to Pfizer or from Pfizer to Moderna. You also choose to stay with the same brand of booster as you received in the primary series.  You can also choose the Novamax vaccine as a booster.

Do you have a paper form we can use to register?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate paper forns,  All registration must be done electronically, as have limited resources.  If you are having difficulty, you may ask a friend, grandchild or otherwise to assist you.

Where is your Clinic?

Where are located in North Tacoma’s Proctor District on the corner of 27th and North Proctor on the second floor of a historical building.  You will have to walk-up 23 stairs to visit with us here.  If you are unable to scale the stairs, we can vaccinate you in your vehicle.  Please email us using the contact form on this page or use our texting feature (Select ‘Text Us’ at the top of this page) to alert us, so that we can make sure we can allocate our resources.

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